Happy Birthday, Ms Bloom!

I was honored this week when one of my friends asked me to make a centerpiece for her brunch table at the Del Rey Yacht Club!!  It was her birthday party and a gorgeous day in Marina Del Rey.  Anyone who knows Ellen knows about her passion for rich color.  To complement her eclectic taste in everything fabulous I decided to use quite an array of different materials.  Here’s a partial list:  Red and orange dahlias, dark burgundy peonies, red and white variegated carnations, echinacea, red gomphrina,  pink nerine lily, poppy pods, tree of heaven, pink ranunculus, orange ranunculus, orange freesia, mint, pink celosia (coxcomb), and geranium leaves.  Oh yeah, and no evil floral foam.


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ms Bloom!

  1. Wow! I don’t even know what half those flowers are but they are amazingly beautiful, particularly in your design. I’m sure Ellen was thrilled!

  2. Just absolutely astonishing gorgeous. Lori you are blessed with such a great talent. So glad you are my working colleague. Hope business goes well for you. Love you.

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