A New Prairie Wedding

The Clubhouse for the Women’s 20th Century Club of Eagle Rock was built in 1914.  The architecture of this cultural monument is listed as Craftsman but there are definite Prairie School influences.  These become more obvious when you step inside.  Contrary to the dark, cavelike Craftsman interiors, the rooms seem to expand into bright, open spaces one would never imagine when driving past on Colorado Blvd.

The front room is a grand parlor with an expansive fireplace. The great room is an auditorium with a full stage.  They both open out to the garden.  Next to the great room is a vast sun-filled room with watery glass panes in the windows and well preserved historic murals on the walls.

Their website says,  “Throughout the history of the Women’s Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock, our members have shown their capacity for creativity, resilience, resourcefulness, dedication and compassion.” 

It was a perfect location for the wedding of Arianna and Earle.

The bride is from Texas.  The groom is from South Carolina.  They are both razor sharp, funny, and warm.  They wanted to keep their wedding and budget sane and reasonable.  By summoning their own resourcefulness, creativity, resilience, dedication and compassion, along with a solid team of good friends and family, they put together this stunning wedding.

For her bouquet the bride asked for anemones with pale pink striations to work with her gorgeous gown and shoes.  These may have been the very last anemones of the season.

 The ceremony was held outdoors in the garden during the southern California golden hour. Iced tea and lemonade welcomed the guests.  Mason jars lined the aisle, dangling on shepherd’s hooks.  There were many opinions about how to arrange these flowers.

The moss covered arch with birch branch facade was draped in ribbons that fluttered in the breeze.

The intimate guest list made it easier for the two families and all of their friends to form a bond.  

The reception dinner and dancing were held inside with the doors thrown open to cool off the dancers.  The food was Texas BBQ served buffet style.  The tablescape was spare, clean, and a little rustic.  The table runners were hand made and monogramed by the groom’s mother.  The bride’s favorite flowers were set in mason jars with twine.  For toasting, there were beautiful bottles of spiked watermelon-ade.

   By the end of the night everyone knew each other, really well.  Despite the mini dance marathon held by the bride and groom, the guests hung on for a bubble-laden send off.

Location:  The Women’s 20th Century Club of Eagle Rock (read more about this historically relevant group)

Photography: Carla Barnett Photography (Carla’s site) 

Additional Photography by Dale Strumpell

Catering:  Max City BBQ (visit)

Flowers:  Blossom Alliance (you’re already here)


14 thoughts on “A New Prairie Wedding

    • Those creamy colors of the petals in contrast with the black centers were in alliance with the bride’s creamy skin and dark hair. She is stunning! Thanks for your comment Montana Murdoch!

  1. This post has made me misty eyed. Lori, we will never forget your contribution to one of the happiest days of our lives.

    • I loved working with you and Earle and The Team!! Thank you so much for the opportunity. This post was hard to do only because there were so many amazing photos from Carla. Everyone must check out her work. She is so talented. http://carla-barnett.com/

  2. We just viewed the pictures and captions under them and they were beautifully done. Seeing the pictures brought back wonderful memories.

  3. It was a great pleasure to have you plan your wedding at the Women’s 20 th. Century Club , We thank you so much for sharing your amazing photos.
    Roe …..House and grounds person.

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