Flower Shop Interior

This is the most satisfying post of this garage restoration series.  Most readers have probably forgotten by now that this is a flower blog.  Soon I will have nothing but flowers to blog about.

It has been brought to my attention that I might want to clarify something.  I’m calling this a flower shop as in flower workshop, not necessarily retail shop.  If some curious consumer wanders up the driveway and finds me working in “the shop” I will be happy to make something to order.  Our street is zoned for retail but that’s not my direction right now.  My focus is custom flowers for events and occasions.   

Here is the beautiful transformation of the interior of my garage into my flower shop.   The contracting and carpentry was done by Mark Hanlon.  The wiring and lighting was installed by Don and Javi from Monster Construction.  For contact info for any of the craftspeople on this project, please email me or contact Mark at Hanlon Construction.  He did an amazing job.  

Sturdy shelves and wallboard installed by Mark Hanlon

Fast and fastidious paint job by Rudy O.

The painting is finished!

Don and Javi admire their work.

Lots of light!!

Oh the beauty of minimalism.  It’s so fleeting.  Up next…Moving in? Or Floral Cooler delivery?


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