If you build it, they will come.

This week we started our construction project which when finished, will result in an actual flower studio space for Blossom Alliance!  Our building has 3 garage spaces which have been in disrepair for many years.  We badly needed a new roof.  Once we started researching and getting bids on the roof we started talking about putting actual garage doors on the spaces.   That lead to my great idea to turn the storage space into my flower studio.  Mr Blossom Alliance has agreed to take the leap of faith in this budding business and so the process begins.  I’ll start with some BEFORE shots.

Here’s a great night shot taken by Mr Blossom Alliance.  The garage looks a little more frightening in the light of day.    The door on the right is the future home of Blossom Alliance.

From the reliable recommendation of Neighbor 2 Neighbor, we hired Mark Hanlon of Hanlon Construction.  He made short work of the demolition.

He then framed the openings for the new doors.  The only snafu was the opening on the right had to be cheated over to make it square with the concrete and to make the three spaces look the same size.

All in a days work.  Up next:  Stucco!

Coming attractions:  Garage doors, Windows, and Skylights!


5 thoughts on “If you build it, they will come.

  1. How much for the old car in the garage? Does it work?
    Oh yeah, good luck to Mark for taking on this renovation project. I am sure Blossom Alliance’s birth space will be awesome.

  2. Oooo….I didn’t know you had a Rambler? It’s my all-time fave ol’ car! The Blossom Alliance Studio will be great. I can’t wait to sit and crochet in there!

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