Quinceañera Flowers! A Sneak Peek

I made the personal flowers for a Quinceañera recently.  While I wait for the professional photos, I thought I’d leak out a few that I snapped in the early morning after I finished the last boutonniere.  The Tia (aunt) of the Quinceañera (birthday girl) ordered a bouquet a few weeks before the actual event for a photo shoot.  Then, two weeks later she ordered  another boquet and some personal flowers for herself and the chambelán  (the male friend of the birthday girl who serves as her escort.)  I can’t wait to see the professional photos.  Stay tuned!

Here’s some of the detail.  The freesias were bursting into bloom every time I looked away.

A few weeks later, I reproduced the bouquet.  I subbed in the oncidium and decided to lose the cascading ruscus because it was overpowering the oncidium. 

Here’s a detail where you can see the hidden gems requested by the Quinceañera.

¡Feliz cumpleaños, chica!


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